Mary Tedesco Fitness

Look better, feel better, be better!

A Native of New York, Mary Tedesco began her fitness career in Manhattan Beach, California. At the time she was overweight and not very athletic. Then she met her now husband, Michael, a triathlete who introduced her to weight training.

They would wake early in the morning to workout and she has never looked back. “I was just amazed at the way my body changed with weight training and long bike rides along the beach,” she says. “On the outside, physically, I looked so much better, but also on the inside I felt like an entirely different much happier and much more confident and self assured. I felt EMPOWERED."

So Mary decided to help EMPOWER others with her never ending energy and positive, fun outlook on life! She is now the owner of Body Fit Personal Training in Cross River, NY and and is the infamous Martha Stewart's personal trainer.

She is an AFAA certified personal trainer and an NASM candidate with additional certifications in yoga and pilates. In her 15 years promoting health & fitness, Mary has helped hundreds of people strive for optimal wellness. Her fitness philosophy includes a combination of weight training, yoga, pilates and aerobics to whip people into shape. Mary has obtained a loyal following with her regular appearances on The Martha Stewart Show, exercising with Martha. She can be heard on XM SIRIUS RADIO sharing her fantastic fitness tips and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Body + Soul Magazine, in which she has been the fitness expert for articles.

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When Mary is not training or doing television, radio or magazine work, she likes to climb big mountains for charities such as cancer research. A portion of each sale of any of her products goes to The Multiple Myeloma Research Fund for cancer research. She has been a coach for Team-In-Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and has helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for The Children's Cancer Fund and The Multiple Myeloma Research Fund.

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